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The most experienced underwater videography team in asia

Welcome to Crystal images, Koh Tao’s creative specialists. Bringing you the ultimate diving videography and production training programs.

From learning to scuba dive to broadcast production training, we offer a variety of dive training unlike any other.

Videography Courses

A range of videography courses using broadcast equipment cameras and large scale housings.

Stock Footage 4k/HD

For a small budget or large or large productions, we can facilitate your need for underwater productions and shots. 

Dive Courses

Learn to dive, or advance your skills with more dive courses to improve your underwater knowledge .

Underwater videography

The first step to employment in underwater filming.

Starting with all the basic techniques of dive positioning, filming and post production. During your course, you will get intensive coverage of editing techniques, colour correction and special effects to bring your footage to life. Towards the end of the course, you will have the challenge of filming an Open Water group and editing a 15 minute movie for showing that evening. 

Why not try something new?

Rebreathers used to be only for technical diving, but not any more. New Type R (recreational) rebreathers are lightweight, easy-to-transport and have sophisticated electronics to simplify their use. Why dive a rebreather? You get longer no stop limits, reduced gas consumption because you reuse most of your exhaled gas, and unmatched wildlife encounters because you don’t release annoying bubbles. 

Self Reliant Diver Course

Would you like to have the confidence and knowledge to dive safely and responsibly without a buddy? Learn how to calculate SAC rates, turn points and much more to give you the know how to venture out on your own.

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